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The Dalai Lama Explains Karma

"According to Buddhism, there is a commensurate relationship between cause and effect where pain and pleasure are concerned.  The immediate cause is karma.  Karma means action.  Tomorrow's events depend very much on today's actions, this year's events on last year's, while this century's events are linked with those of the previous centuries.  The actions of previous generations affect the lives of the generations that follow.  This is also a kin of karma.  However, there is a difference between actions carried out by a group of people or sentient beings jointly, and actions carried out by single person.  In individual cases, the actions of the earlier part of one's life have an effect on the latter part of one's life."--

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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KarmaKick Kwik Facts

The KarmaKick™ logo was envisioned in an instant during a special time in 1994 when our founder, Carlos Guevara, was immersed in a daily 8-hour practice that included Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Buddhist Studies and Meditation. A revealing inner experience gave rise to a deep understanding of the concept of internal energy known as Chi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese and Prana by the Indians. The revelation was as shocking as a lighting bolt in a clear blue sky. An inner energy (yellow) appeared to be encapsulated within two opposing energies representing stability (blue) and action (red). Think of it as the Yin and Yang symbol cracked open revealing a precious inner yolk. All this happened in an instant amidst the 1994 World Cup hosted by the U.S.A. Envisioning a soccer player kicking a ball, a creative flash without any drafting, or design goal-setting brought forth the image of our logo. 

Carlos: "Several additional images came to mind. The first was the Indian Chakra, or wheel. Next came a series of Chinese symbols representing greatness, strength, origin, source, recurrence, cause and effect, prosperity, rage, control, person, fire and energy. Ideas flowed and additional images of the hero-warrior began to emerge. The kicker merged with the Chinese characters and a star was born! All this mental activity smacked of karma! A karma that is 100% under our control and it was time to kick it! As images merged with concepts, the name for the company and the logo became apparent. There you have it!" 

Thanks to the creative magic of Chexpeare Entertainment, the final vision came to life in a moment during a quiet afternoon of Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Yoga on the grounds of the Shaolin Temple in Denfeng, China.  

In short, we are very proud of our logo!

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KarmaKick™ System

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KarmaKick™ Mission

In the spirit of the word Karma, we cultivate Action!

We genuinely love what we do! Our mission is to empower our clients and students using educational and transformational programs that fuel personal development through positive experiences. We will accomplish this mission by offering programs and services of great personal value. We will uphold this premise and fulfill our goal by producing well-trained, well-educated, well-rounded, highly motivated health, fitness & wellness instructors who are also confident leaders and mentors. We will build programs fusing the wisdom of ancient modalities with the powerful benefits afforded by modern scientific principles and future discoveries.

We believe in value. The KarmaKick™ name will continue to be associated with a high return on your health and fitness investment. From experienced professional instructors through high-quality educational programs, we optimize our offerings in order to assist our clients with their healthy lifestyles. Our programs are designed to bring out the best that the mind, body and spirit have to offer. 

Right Action!

KarmaKick™ Fitness cultivates Right Action!  We believe in the merits of progress within a sound system. Positive, effective change is best achieved with proper knowledge and a consistent, mindful approach towards body, mind and spirit. We call upon you to take positive Action! Our goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in a safe environment through proper education, demonstration and encouragement. We are your most ardent cheerleaders, coaches, teachers and trainers, but we demand that you meet us half way. Without you as the driving force for positive, effective change, nothing will  happen. The concept of Right Action! (or kicking your good karma into high gear) is to plant the right seeds from the start and build upon pillars of a reliable knowledge base that is founded upon scientific fact and proven results. Trying something halfway is not sufficient. It is not the KarmaKick™ way.  Jumping from system, to teacher, to yet another system is inefficient and costly in terms of time, health and personal development. That is why we encourage building a solid, consistent and reliable personal system for self-development right from the start. Patience in learning the fundamentals is the key to mastery. Each and every single one of our systems follows a meticulous approach. We do not believe in over-achievement and cutting corners. Why? They create an imbalance of mind, body and spirit. When it comes to physical fitness, over-achievement and cutting corners open the doors of opportunity for self-injury and injury to others. Let's face it. That's bad karma! But we've got you covered! Instead of over-achievement, we promote High Achievement! Instead of cutting corners, we promote Strong Leadership!

High Achievement!

KarmaKick™ Fitness cultivates high achievement. As a matter of fact, we will discourage you from attempting advanced exercises, sequences and postures if you have not completely learned, explored and mastered all the relevant foundations. Why? The reason is twofold. First, within the past decade, the number of injuries due to improper practice of Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Weight Training and other fitness modalities has risen dramatically. While many of these modalities already have an element of risk inherent in their practice, incidents have arisen due to poor training, impatience and misunderstanding. Second, cutting corners and over-achievement are at the heart of stress, anxiety and overall inefficiency. They are the negative, undesirable byproducts of impatience, self-doubt and a lack of discipline. Mastering the fundamentals requires patience, courage and focus. Advancement requires internal accountability and honesty in order to gauge progress in strength and balance awareness. 


KarmaKick™ Fitness cultivates leadership. Our modus operandi is to promote high achievement through consistent Action! and strong leadership skills. No one is born a leader. True leaders are crafted and built from the ground up upon solid foundations. The KarmaKick™ curriculum is designed and structured to assist you in building a confident, accountable, personal leadership style. We achieve this goal through the philosophy of Right Action! You may not wish to lead others, but you must certainly lead your own self throughout your own life. You made a resolution to bring about positive change in your life and we will encourage you to honor that commitment by KarmaKick-ing your mindset into high gear every step of the way. 

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