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You firmly believe that if you want to see change in the world you must embody that change within yourself. You know that your skills and talents can literally help change lives.

You have taken the necessary steps to sculpt your own mind, body and spirit and now you are ready to assist others along their own path. 

You are a leader who leads by example, a team player who understands group dynamics, a motivated instructor looking to inspire others with your drive and enthusiasm. Share your experience and personal achievements with the world. 

KarmaKick™ Fitness believes in personal leadership. As a matter of fact, leadership is a passion forming an integral part of our mission. We practice what we teach and we teach what we practice. 

Are you proud of your achievements and ready to employ your talents for the greater good? Excellent! Start the process by filling out the registration form on the left and upload your resume. 

Join our team and become an active part in the health and fitness paradigm shift that is sweeping the world. Together we can change the world with our drive, leadership, enthusiasm and knowledge

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Fitness Superhero?

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KarmaKick Associates

KarmaKick™ Fitness is building a team of fitness superheroes. We are looking for a few excellent health, fitness and wellness associates. If you are a massage therapist, yoga instructor, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness professional, life coach, or any other type of health & wellness professional, we would like to meet you in person and include you in our database for special institutional and corporate events

Our client base includes a wide range of both private and publicly listed corporations, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities and other institutions interested in providing onsite health & wellness support for their employees. These companies go the extra mile to show their employees how much they are valued as a resource.

Join our team and inspire the world!

Become part of the paradigm shift in health & fitness.  

Simply fill out the Registration Form below and we will contact you as soon as we can to set up a personal interview. Once on board, you will be well on your way towards effecting a positive influence upon the rest of the world. 

KARMAKICK™ Associates