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Note to Employers

General Instructor Verification

If you are an employer considering a KarmaKick Associate as a candidate for one of your WWP events, or other benefits program, please verify all certifications directly with our office. We adhere to a very strict associates and admissions policy  that is reinforced by a well-rounded curriculum and a demanding syllabus of graduation requirements for all our programs. We know every single one of our highly qualified graduates, trainers and instructors on a personal basis, by name and by level of proficiency. 

Yoga Certification Verification

Once we certify a yoga instructor, their name will be registered with both the Yoga Alliance and Karma Kick Fitness, LLC. However, please note that some yoga instructors may choose not to affiliate with the Yoga Alliance themselves. In such cases, we ask that you request an official confirmation directly from us in writing. 


The Modern Landscape of Yoga Certification

Your company deserves highly trained professionals. A long list of Yoga Alliance (YA) standards for registered schools is one thing. Verifying that said registered schools are actually adhering to these standards is another. Our modus operandi will close up that gap by providing a high quality education. Modern Yoga demands competent instructors and we have designed a rigorous yoga certification program. Our aim is to change the landscape of yoga teacher certification for the better by becoming recognized as the leading Ivy League School of Yoga Education. A lofty goal? We don't think so. Also, why not? The current trends in yoga certification programs fall far short of the realities, demands and requirements of group fitness training. It is our goal to up the ante in the yoga training world and dramatically improve on the current standards in yoga certification, one highly qualified instructor at a time. 

In addition to fulfilling the Yoga Alliance training standards, a KarmaKick instructor also receives certifications in First Aid, CPR/AED, Group Fitness Instruction. Full certification includes a demonstration of proficiency in teaching, experience in different styles of yoga outside of KarmaKick Yoga, strong leadership skills and much, much more. 

Whether you are a corporation, gym, hospital, cruise ship, hotel, health spa, or yoga studio, your clients, customers, or patients deserve nothing but the best qualified therapists, trainers and instructors. 

KarmaKick Instructor Certification Verification

KarmaKick Yoga

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