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Continuing Education Requirements

As a yoga teacher, your success benefits everyone you meet and influence along your journey. Your first priority as a teacher is to create an environment for growth for each of your students. To continue your success along this path, we are here to help inspire you towards even greater levels of growth and knowledge. 

All Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) and KarmaKick® Fitness Instructors must meet the following Continuing Education (CE) Requirements on an ongoing basis.

As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) KarmaKick® Fitness offers workshops and events that will help you satisfy your CE requirements. 

Yoga Alliance Requirements for RYTs
Every three years starting from your initial date of registration, all RYTs - including Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers - must complete and log a minimum of:

45 hours teaching yoga, and
30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories, of which:

At least 10 training hours must be Contact Hours.
No more than 20 training hours may be Non-Contact Hours.

Teaching or training hours prior to registration do not count as Continuing Education.

If you earn more than the required hours in a three-year period, the extra hours may not rollover into the next three-year period.

Continuing Education hours should be spent learning something new, through research, study or experiential learning, rather than synthesizing or processing prior knowledge.

KarmaKick Fitness Requirements for Instructors

Every 3 years, starting from the official issue date on an official certificate, all KarmaKick Fitness Instructors must complete and log a minimum of: 

50 Hours of Instruction in each modality of expertise

50 Hours of Training directly related to KarmaKick Fitness Educational Categories, of which: 

At least 30 hours must be Contact Hours with a KarmaKick Fitness Instructor.

No more than 15 hours may be Non-Contact Hours. 

Teaching, or training hours prior to certification do not count as Continuing Education (CE). 

Extra hours within a three-year period do not rollover.

At least 20 Continuing Education (CE) Training hours should be spent at KarmaKick Fitness events and workshops reinforcing what you have already learned. The remaining 30 CE Training hours should include the acquisition of new knowledge through research, study, or experiential learning. 

KarmaKick    Continuing Education Requirements

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The hallmark of a great teacher is knowledge and the skills needed to transmit that knowledge. KarmaKick® Continuing Education Programs are designed to help achieve these goals.

Teaching, leadership and mentorship abilities are not developed in a vacuum, nor are they to be taken for granted. As with your health, fitness and wellness goals, it takes Right Action!: work, planning and determination. Make the commitment to be knowledgable and well-informed. Study and continue to develop your skills every chance you get! We'll be your partner, coach and mentor every step of the way.

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