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400-Hour RYT200

Yoga Teacher Training

It is a well-established fact in traditional Yoga that being 'stuck' in a posture for years on end without advancement is an indication to go back to basics. At KarmaKick Yoga, we not only embrace the basics, but we emphasize anupūrva and paramparā. Begin by mastering each āsana in an orderly manner for as long as it takes. Then (and only then) proceed to explore its possibilities before attempting the more challenging, progressive variations in that family. Cutting corners is not only inefficient and dangerous, but it offends the Yoga gods. Systems that condone jumps in education, or gaps in knowledge are ignorant of anupūrva and its vital importance within the paramparā of an āsana group. 

Do yourself a favor! Resist the temptation to attempt advanced variations until you have fully understood and mastered the basics of the foundational posture. Take RightAction! now. KarmaKick™ trendy systems, stagnation, inefficiency, injury and potentially dangerous poses out the door.

We encourage you to levitate and put a little (okay, a whole lot) of KarmaKick Yoga into your life. Make the commitment to cultivate your practice one āsana at a time from the ground up. We'll be your co-pilot every step, twist, lift, plank, squat, inversion and downward dog of the way. 

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System is the key to success!

The KarmaKick Yoga System is a no nonsense approach to the physical practice of Yoga that includes postures, exercises and meditation. We can explain our approach to yoga in one simple word: anupūrva. Now let's take a few words to explain what we mean. 

Traditional Yoga is a simple, direct discipline requiring control right from your first day as a beginner. These principles will guide you through every single level of achievement until you become an advanced practitioner. It all boils down to studying a safe, simple, orderly, step-by-step method (anupūrva), presented within a progressive system (paramparā) of increasing difficulty. Perhaps you're hearing about these principles for the very first time. Not to worry. Read on!

The KarmaKick Fitness Yogāchārya Vinayakrama (teacher training system) is a highly unique and innovative approach to the training of highly qualified yoga practitioners and future instructors. We do not simply believe in training. We believe in method and consistency. Like the ancient gurus, our philosophy cultivates the belief that physical health strengthens the mind and builds a strong, resilient character. Each one of our training and fitness modules plants the seeds for leadership using an approach to teaching, education and training that is based on the traditional guru-shishya paramparā (the mentor-apprentice model for learning). We do not simply force-feed you training and education principles. We provide you with a rigorous system that cultivates the application of theory. Our greatest satisfaction will be to witness your growth and development into a competent and self-reliable leader who will have a positive influence on others over time. 

Between ordinary and Extraordinary there is You!

Meaningful, long-lasting transformation should always follow a logical, sequential path geared towards developing proper knowledge and self-awareness over time. That is what we call anupūrva. We do not throw advanced postures at you without first teaching you how to develop the essential foundations that are vital for transitioning into those advanced postures. Each developmental step is crucial for growth and must therefore offer an opportunity to gradually let go of whatever artificial crutches we rely on for support. Yoga postures are part of an integrated system well-known for building strength, focus and self-awareness. The best approach to yoga is a step-by-step, sequential progression that does not cut any corners, or put you on the fast track for injury. That is the essence at the heart of the principle of anupūrva for learning and mastering postures. Once you master a foundational posture you then move on to explore its family of postures as part of a progressive series (paramparā) once again using sequential development and evolution (anupūrva) every step of the way. 

The KarmaKick Yoga System is the perfect fit for your mind, body & spirit. Whether you are interested in taking classes with one of our certified instructors, teaching yoga, or simply seeking to deepen your practice and acquiring knowledge beyond the limited offerings of group sessions, we have the right training program for you. Don't settle for anything less. 

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