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  2. Please have any references mail, or e-mail their letters directly to any of the addresses indicated under the Contact Us page.
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KarmaKick™ Fitness will not share your personal information with any associates, commercial third parties, or affiliates without your consent. 

Your training begins with this application process. Our program inspires you to bring out the best that you can offer to the world. If there is any question as to why we do this, please refer to our Note to Employers under the Contact Us tab above. Our commitment to your future employers begins here. Carefully read, review and comply with each one the ten (10) Application Requirements & Prerequisites under the KarmaKick Yoga > KKY Teacher Training page. 

We take your training, personal development and future qualifications very seriously. While we do not expect you to be a master of Yoga, we do require all our applicants demonstrate an intermediate-advanced level of practice. All applicants must have at least 500-hours of consistent, disciplined practice. If we do not know you, you must present a passable audition. This audition may require you to take at least 10 classes taught by one of our current instructors. The exception to these requirements is validated proof of study, or a recommendation from an authorized KarmaKick  Yoga instructor. If your yoga practice does not meet any of these criteria, but you feel that you are qualified in other respects, you may petition in the appropriate field below, or submit a written explanation in PDF format (500 words or less, Verdana font, size 12) in a separate e-mail. The subject line of this e-mail and/or submission should read: Petition Yoga Teacher Training Admissions Prerequisites. No hardcopy submissions will be accepted. Regardless of the claims made in any petition, the applicant must still pass the audition.

All information and documentation contained within this application will be held in the strictest confidence within the appropriate legal jurisdictions of state and federal governments. Please complete the following online application and note that the fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. We must have accurate and direct contact information where you can be reached quickly and easily. In addition, you are expected to fulfill the personal identification requirements without exception. There is no handwritten application. Please enter your Personal Statement in the appropriate field below, or upload your document in PDF format (500 words or less, Verdana font, size 12). If uploading, the subject line of your personal statement document should read: Yoga Teacher Training Personal Statement. No hardcopy submissions will be accepted. 

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It is highly recommended that you  upload your 2 photos here. Alternatively, you may e-mail them separately, or bring them with you if you are called for an interview. 

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

Our programs and our system is demanding because others are not. Our mission is to train highly qualified teachers. We invite you to help us elevate the quality of all Yoga Teacher Training and Certification programs across the world.


Thank you for your interest in the KarmaKick   Yoga Teacher Training Program!

Your training begins with this online application and it is easier than it looks! Before you begin, scroll all the way down the page to see the entire application. While it may seem like long application, you will see that it is far easier than you had expected. We prefer to have all the administrative paperwork out of the way before you begin the program. NOTE: Anyone who has not made full payment, or arranged financing of their tuition by day one of the program, will be asked to leave. Type your paragraph here.

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