If you are interested in supporting our cause and helping us build life rewarding programs, please consider donating to our cause at any level. At this time, donations are not tax-deductible, but they will be used towards furthering our mission by helping us fortify our business model. 

We believe in value. The KarmaKick™ name will continue to be associated with a high return on your health and fitness investment. From experienced, professional instructors providing individualized instruction to providing high-quality educational programs, we optimize our offerings to empower our clients. 

Personal Leadership, Health and Well-being.

Our programs are designed to bring out the best that the mind, body and spirit have to offer. 

KarmaKick® Program Development

Please support our mission!

Any amount will help bring us closer to our goal.


We are KarmaKick® Fitness! 

Our goal is to develop health, fitness and wellness programs

that will enrich the lives of our clients.

Donations will also go towards funding grants and scholarships

for young people who are interested in certifying in one of our programs, but may not be able to afford the cost of tuition.