Feelings a little tight in the shoulders? Relieve stress and tension with our 15-minute chair massage. Whether sitting at your desk, or visiting our station in a quiet conference room, our professional massage therapists will help you relax the stress away. 


Are you looking to staff and fill out your corporate gym offerings. Our team of fitness trainers and instructors is ready to help you implement your Workplace Wellness Program goals and initiatives. From personal training to group fitness, our collective expertise will provide your employees with a variety of training techniques and group classes. 

Healthy Employees Are Our Business

Struggling to master that one pose you have been working on for years on end?

We've got you covered!

Based on scientific and traditional physiological and energetic principles, our system distinguishes itself from all others by taking you on a journey of strength development and flexibility one step at a time. One secret at a time! We do not believe in slamming you against walls, twisting you into crazy geometric shapes, or cooking your brains out for the sake of entertaining you with an ephemeral trend. We teach traditional foundations with the added advantage of powerful modern scientific principles. 

The Foundations Class is taught in a group environment, but geared toward individual self-study under the guidance of one of our certified instructors. Our Intermediate and Advanced level classes elevate your practice through controlled exercises. Each step of our program is designed to build on previous knowledge and personal gains. As an added bonus, all our programs include an extension course on meditation. 

KarmaKick Personalized Training

KarmaKick™ Yoga


Feeling a little fuzzy and low in energy? Or perhaps too busy to take five away from your desk? Let our nationally certified yoga instructors guide you step-by-step through a set of simple, yet invigorating, stress-reducing stretches, even a simple yoga routine, that can be performed at your leisure without leaving your desk.  How rewarding is that?! 

KarmaKick™ Programs


From Yoga to Personal Training to Pilates to Tai Chi, there's a health & wellness modality to fit your goals. Chances are, there's an exercise routine to fit your schedule perfectly. Even better, our programs and services are packed with motivated professionals. We're not afraid to pour out a little sweat ourselves in order to inspire and push you.

Having trouble mastering a Yoga posture? Perhaps your balance is continuously challenged during Tai Chi? Not sure which weight training program is right for you? Say no more! We hear you and we listen. Whether at home, the studio, or the gym, the KarmaKick Personal Training System is customized and designed to meet your physical fitness needs.

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Ancient Chinese masters would encourage their students to move like a tiger and breathe like a dragon! Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) and Nei Kung (or Nei Gong) are traditional exercise modalities that teach the practitioner to do just that by coordinating body movements with deep breathing. The overall results are manifested in improved health, wellness and vitality over time. Discover these highly effective systems and learn to cultivate and elevate your internal energy, or Chi.  As you harmonize mind, body and spirit through exercise and meditation, you will promote mental and physical well being. The KarmaKick Dragon Pearl System is designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced level through a series of controlled exercises and sequences. ​​

Building upon the best of traditional yoga styles, the KarmaKick™ Yoga System is designed to bring you from total novice to an advance practitioner under a unique protocol structured to be the safest and most efficient system in the world. We don't just throw you into a mixed levels class without a proper grounding in the fundamentals. From gentle and pre-natal yoga to advanced, aerobic sequences we have a unique, intelligent approach to yoga that will complement your goals, style and energy

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The longer you wait, the further away you’ll be from achieving your goal. Those excess, pesky calories aren't burning themselves off by wishing them away. Health, wellness and fitness goals take work, planning and determination. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step, lift, plank, squat and downward dog of the way.

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personal  training

You're a lone wolf. A renegade. It's in your DNA. Group Fitness Classes are not your thing. We get you. That's why we have so many individual workout options available. Looking for a Personalized Training program? No sweat! Aching for a massage? No problem! Looking to optimize your core workout? We got you covered! You chart your fitness course. We'll be the compass.