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Leadership in Action!​

We have your best interest at heart. Teaching is a serious responsibility and yoga students demand nothing but the best in competence, skill, knowledge and scholarship from their teachers. Yoga offers much more than a physical practice. As a certified KarmaKick Yoga Teacher you will not only gain a thorough grounding in the standard Yoga Alliance syllabus (Techniques, Training and Practice, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics), but you will graduate with additional skills and insights into leadership and knowledge beyond the offerings of other teacher training curriculums. 

The KarmaKickⓇ Level One Program is a total of 400 hours and certifies you as a Yoga Alliance 200-Hour RYT and a highly sought-after KarmaKick Instructor. Our program is specifically designed to produce highly trained, well-informed, knowledgeable, experienced instructors possessing strong leadership and mentoring skills, a strong voice, confidence and a strong portfolio of direct personal experience in different styles of yoga and other modalities. As a KarmaKick graduate, you will be prepared to teach with confidence from Day 1 after graduation. We are determined to change the landscape of education in modern yoga for the better.  

The landscape of yoga education is changing.

Change has a name!

KarmaKick Yoga

Yoga is much, much more than mere exercise, but even the execution of physical postures demands a high caliber of understanding. The KarmaKickYoga Teacher Training Program is a unique curriculum teaching classical yoga techniques informed by the advantages of modern philosophical, scientific and physical fitness principals. Incorporating and examining the principles of Astanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga as a strong foundation, our program is specifically designed to craft you into a confident, knowledgable, well-rounded teacher. In total, we present you with a series of special offerings exceeding the basic certification requirements. Our main goal is to provide you with the necessary tools, skills and foundations that will empower you as a teacher and assist you along the path of manifesting positive change in your own life. In turn, you will develop an enlightened perspective on yoga that will help you guide and inspire both students and non-students alike.

The KarmaKickYoga Teacher Training System provides a high quality education by implementing the discipline and principles of anupūrva (step-by-step) and paramparā (sequential development) every step of the way without cutting any corners. We want to help you sculpt out the best student-teacher-mentor you can be by leading you through challenges in an orderly, progressive manner. We expect you to work hard and smart! Each day of the program begins with a vigorous vinyasa and hatha yoga class designed to elevate your level of strength and awareness. From the basic foundations unto greater achievements, the concept of anupūrva is cultivated as a system for acquiring practical knowledge while developing the proper foundations with confidence and courage. At every stage, we encourage you to cultivate and express more energy. You will hear us say more prāna and more ojas

Part of the KarmaKickphilosophy is to cultivate a highly competent set of skills. We fully understand the demands of today's personal fitness market and have also included special modules covering the pros/cons, as well as tips/advice for working and teaching classes at non-studio environments (gyms, spas, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, cruise ships). The module on Yoga As A Business will include discussions on how to teach a private client, marketing, advertising, verbal self-promotion and more. In our Leadership Skills Workshop, you will explore the qualities of leadership in order to learn how to develop the necessary social skills for dealing with an diverse audience, as well as how to speak with poise and confidence. The Yoga & The Group Fitness Class modules will not only teach you how to create your own flows and set up a curriculum, but also how to lead a group fitness class with confidence and how to find and develop your voice as a teacher. 

Nowadays, the public is better informed about the intricacies of not only yoga, but of other health and wellness modalities. As a teacher you are automatically cast into a leadership role and we will teach you the essential basics for developing the requisite skills for becoming a confident leader. A well-informed teacher is an inspired leader who both motivates and teaches others. We do not believe in leaving you empty-handed in the area of general knowledge and experience. That is why the KarmaKickYoga System includes several, special introductory modules in areas such as pre-Natal Yoga, developing leadership skills, building a following, creating specialty workshops, leading group excursions and retreats, as well as discovering the basics of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. In addition, in order to obtain the KarmaKickYoga Teacher Certification, you must complete and certify in both CPR/AED and First Aid before the official end of the program. No exceptions. 

As a KarmaKickYoga certified instructor, you will be part of an ancient tradition designed to bring out and develop your true self. Your job is to work honestly, diligently, meticulously and consistently. You will soon experience and understand how and why a strong work ethic is engraved within the very ancient texts informing our practice. Where the body's health is elevated, the mind is ennobled and the spirit is free. 

Join us for the journey of a lifetime! 

KarmaKick style!



Are you a newly founded, or existing, yoga school in need of a Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Program without the administrative hassles and headaches of setting up your own yoga curriculum? Well, we've done all the legwork for you and have a variety of programs available to suit your needs. From application preparation, workshops and interim offerings all the way through to a full certification program, we have the right curriculum for you. 

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E. Practicum 

  1. Sanskrit Nomenclature
  2. Asana Practicum
  3. Teaching Practicum
  4. ​Creative Asana & Vinyasa Krama Variations

We provide the template.

You provide the  ACTION!

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A. Technique, Training & Practice

  1. Fundamental Alignment Theory
  2. Introduction to Asana Practice
  3. Surya Namaskar
  4. Standard Variation & Advanced Postures
  5. Introduction to Pre-Natal, Children & Special Needs
  6. Mindful Practice & Injury Prevention
  7. Energetic Principles, Mantra & Meditation
  8. The Art of Creative Asana & Vinyasa Krama Variations
  9. Yogachikitsā
  10. The KarmaKickⓇ System - Yogacharya Vinyasa Krama




Yoga Program description

GoING Beyond the Basics





08/28/17 - 05/13/18

Required Reading List

E-Books are acceptable with limitations. Unless otherwise stated and authorized, there will be no substitutions allowed for the required reading list. Each edition was carefully selected for the scope of its scholarship, depth, clarity and presentation of content. 

Minimum $700 deposit, or full tuition due with application

T, W, R​

Between Ordinary and Extra Ordinary

there is something


D. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

  1. Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  2. Bhagavad Gita
  3. Understanding Samkhya, Sramana and Yoga
  4. History & Evolution of Yoga
  5. Ethical Issues for Yoga Instructors
  6. ​The Yoga Police!: Ethical & Legal Issues
  7. Lifestyle and Modern Conflicts
  8. Kriyas and The Subtle Body
  9. Pranayama
  10. Dristi, Bandhas
  11. Chanting, Mantram, Mudras
  12. Meditation
  13. The KarmaKick System - Integration

​​​​​Full Tuition Due

$3,600 (by 03/31/17)

Extended Financing

$3,650 + Interest


Early Bird Deadline

$3,500 (by 08/15/17)

Extended Financing

$3,650 + Interest

5:30 pm -   9:30 pm

7:00 am -   9:00 am

7:00 am - 10:00 am

3:00 pm -   5:00 pm

7:00 am - 10:00 am

3:00 pm -   5:00 pm

C. Anatomy & Physiology

Gross Anatomy

  1. Skeletal System
  2. Muscular System
  3. Respiratory System
  4. Digestive System
  5. Nervous System
  6. Cardiovascular System

Energetic & Subtle Anatomy

  1. Vayus
  2. Nadis
  3. Chakras
  4. Koshas


  1. Customizing a Yoga Practice​
  2. Structural Problems: Adjustments & Props  
  1. ​At least 2 years, or 500 hours of dedicated practice in any style of Vinyasa Yoga, or Hatha Yoga with accredited RYS, RYT, or internationally recognized organizations. Alternatively, applicants can be recommended by a certified KarmaKick Yoga instructor.  

  2. Admissions interview and audition. Otherwise, verifiable familiarity with the KarmaKick Yoga System will fulfill this requirement (please attend our classes). 

  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of Yoga and be ready to discuss at least two āsanas, or a simple Vinyasa, or Flow sequence. 

  4. Two passport type photos (no exceptions). Photos must show your face in sharp, crystal clear, well-lit focus against a bright, or neutral background without visual distractions. Only posed photos. No smartphone selfies will be accepted. 

  5. Present two (2) forms of legal identification (driver's license, green card, etc.)

  6. One page, four paragraph (500 words, or less) summary expressing your motivation for enrolling in the program and/or why you wish to become a Yoga teacher. 

  7. Two (2) character references (colleague, employer, association, etc.) mailed directly to KarmaKickⓇ Fitness, LLC; no letters from friends, relatives, or family.

  8. Date and signature on all agreements, waivers and disclosures. 

  9. One (1) professional reference from a RYS, or RYT with at least two years in the YA registry, or an internationally recognized ashram, or organization mailed directly to KarmaKickFitness, LLC.

  10. Appropriate medical releases must be filed with our office one week prior to the program start date:​

​            * Full disclosure of all medical conditions: injuries, disabilities, surgery, illness

​            * Full disclosure of any and all physical limitations and contraindications

            * Full disclosure of all medications you are currently taking

            * Signed medical waiver (appropriate for any existing/recurring medical conditions)


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KarmaKick Education Tips

7:30 pm -   9:30 pm

7:00 am - 10:00 am

3:00 pm -   8:00 pm

7:00 am - 10:00 am

3:00 pm -   8:00 pm

B. Teaching Methodology

  1. Yoga & The Group Fitness Class
  2. The Guru Within
  3. The Business of Yoga
  4. The KarmaKick System - Leadership Skills

Teacher Training Curriculum

Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Standards KarmaKick Yoga Certification


KarmaKick Yoga adheres to the following Yoga Alliance curriculum standards:

​     A. Techniques, Training & Practice

     B. Teaching Methodology

     C. Anatomy & Physiology

     D. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

​     E. Practicum​​

Supplemental Reading List

Review the list of suggested books. As you build your library, these books will become a valuable resource for richer, higher levels of development, knowledge and understanding. Lecture discussions and presentation will include references from these and other unlisted sources. 

KarmaKick  Yoga Teacher Training



RYS 200-Hour Teacher Certification

Warrior Comprehensive Program



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We will not train everyone. We take the teaching of Yoga very seriously and our admissions policy reflects this commitment. We expect you to be serious. All applicants will be treated as professional aspirants, regardless of their ultimate goals beyond the training. Whether you are planning to embark on a career teaching yoga, or just enrolling in this program for the sake of a deeper level of study, we demand a high level of commitment from all our students without exception. In return, you will be receiving an education of the highest quality that is designed to promote the greatest level of confidence. You will also be acquiring a strong set of skills for a rewarding career as a highly regarded Yoga Instructor and the skills to be an effective leader. As a graduate of the KarmaKickYoga Shala, you will be representing our system and our philosophy. We will hold you up to  high standards. If you do not fully meet the following application/enrollment prerequisites and requirements, do not fret. You can still enroll in one of our Yoga Immersion Series of programs and workshops and build up your credentials over time (information will be posted soon). Each applicant must complete and submit the following requirements as part of their application without exception. Applications missing any portion of this all-or-none requirement will be considered incomplete. 



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03/31/17/ - 01/31/18

In addition to the basic Yoga Alliance standards, full certification requires competency and passing the appropriate exams in the following categories:

  1. Sanskrit: count up to 100, pronounce all body parts, āsanas, key philosophical concepts and practice, Yoga Sutra and mantra recitation (at least 3 in each category) from memory
  2. Developing and Mastering Leadership Skills
  3. Learn and understand the effects of all āsanas.
  4. Group Fitness teaching skills and dynamics


You will also graduate with the following certifications:

  1. KarmaKick Fitness Group Fitness Instructor Certification (No Fee)
  2. First Aid and CPR/AED Certification American Heart Association (Separate Fee)


A sampling of additional coursework and training requirements:

  1. Introduction to alternative modalities: Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Reiki
  2. Yoga As A Business: Setting yourself up for success 
  3. The Art of the Private Yoga Session
  4. Leading meditation and chanting sessions 
  5. ​Basics of Pre-Natal, Children & Special Needs yoga
  6. Teach 10 hours of community service classes
  7. Teach 2 private sessions (1 hour each)
  8. Attend 25 hours assisting a Karma Kick Yoga instructor
  9. Observe 25 hours KK yoga classes and other styles of yoga
  10. 100 hours* of yoga classes (separate fee) - maintain your practice

​             *This 100 hour requirement translates to about 4 hours of yoga classes per week.

Required Reading List

KarmaKick Store
Yoga Alliance Website
Bending over backwards for all the wrong reasons? Aching for a change? You've checked, double-checked and retraced your steps along your personal development path. You've decided that your destiny is to develop your skills and share your expertise with the world. KarmaKick your life into high gear! Act now! Take the next step along your journey. Our Yoga Teacher Training Program will guide and complement your determination and fuel your passion for yoga. Let us guide you from foundations to mastery. 

Join a unique group of health and wellness instructors and associates.

Prepare to teach the world!

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Additional Certification Requirements

TAI CHI CHUAN & chI kung program


You've been practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) for some time now and you want to take the next step and become a teacher. Well, get your balance on! The KarmaKick Dragon Pearl System Tai Chi and Chi Kung training program will take you from practitioner to instructor, giving you a solid grounding in all the basics of your chosen program. We offer a thorough training in either of the popular Yang and Chen style forms. Nothing is gained by skipping the basics and cutting corners, so we make sure you have a firm foundation in all the fundamentals before you advance to the next level. Our Dragon Pearl Chi Kung system comprises several forms, including Eternal Flow (Dao Yin), Luohan's 18 Hands (Shiba Luohan Shou), The 8 Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin), Internal Skill (Nei Kung), White Tiger (Bái Hǔ), Five Dragons (Wǔ Lóng), Rising Phoenix (Fèng Huáng) and more! 

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KarmaKick certification programs