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Nip it in the bud and KarmaKick™ stress into high heaven! 


You are proud of your talent. You believe that your team is your company's greatest investment. There is no doubt about it. You have taken the time to interview the top talent and made important decisions during the hiring process. They are motivated. You see it in their eyes, you hear it in their voice. Somehow stress manages to creep in despite your best laid plans and the most meticulous project design. Productivity is high, but sustaining it is taking an invisible toll behind the scenes. Far worse than a sour economy and greater than the most formidable challenge, unmanaged stress can be your worst unseen competitor: a silent terrorist lurking in the shadows! What does an empowered CEO do? 

Listen to some non-vocal music in the background while you work. Studies show that listening to soft, non-vocal music at low volume promotes clarity and focus. The same is true for white noise, or music without dramatic changes in pitch and volume. It is a scientific fact music calms the mind during times of stress. Combined with deep breathing, you have a powerful stress-reduction resource right at your fingertips. 

THEN grab your headphones

Happiness is the secret ingredient for successful businesses.

If you have a happy company, it will be invincible.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group CEO

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Experience the difference!  


Does your team seem a bit slow and low in energy? Let our nationally certified health & fitness instructors guide your most precious resource step-by-step through a set of simple, yet invigorating, stress-reducing stretches. We even provide a simple set of stretches and relaxation routines that can be performed at leisure without leaving the desk, office. How is that for boosting morale? 


Do you need instructors, or fitness programs to fill out your corporate gym offerings? Let the KarmaKick ™ bring life to your health and wellness goals. Our team of certified professionals are ready to assist in realizing your Workplace Wellness Program (WWP) goals. What better way to increase productivity than by demonstrating your appreciation through an investment in the physical, mental and energetic well-being of your team while they are on the job. 

1. self-empowerment through personal project management 

2. leadership skills development through goal-setting and self-management 

3. time management and the art of the follow-through

Workplace wellness programs -- which are incentivized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- are varied in nature and may include everything from blood pressure and cholesterol screenings to participatory groups designed to get employees to maintain a healthy weight or to quit smoking. A recent report by the RAND Corporation found that such programs offer returns of $1.50 for every $1 invested.

How To Get A Workplace Wellness Program For Your Office

Entrepreneur Magazine, June 3, 2014


How happy and motivated is your team? How do you know? Are they just telling you what you want to hear? We have been at the forefront of corporate health since our incorporation in 2010. As of March 15, 2010, KarmaKick™ Fitness began tracking the evolution of a burgeoning statistic in corporate and human resources relations. We are the forefront of promoting the benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs (WWP). As more and more corporations learn about this effective concept, the statistics continue to support growing evidence that WWP have a profound effect on the most important, intangible and immeasurable asset on a company's balance sheet: employee morale. An increasing number of human resource surveys indicate that employees participate in wellness programs not only on their own personal health, but also because WWP have a positive impact on company culture and productivity.

It is no secret that unmanaged stress has a significant impact on health and productivity in the workplace. Stress is also know to dramatically depress the immune system, opening the flood gates for unpredictable sick days. Our team of professionals represents a range of stress-reducing services and modalities guaranteed to help your employees stay sharp, alert and focused. There are several programs that corporations can sponsor and implement to encourage workplace engagement while promoting a healthy level of productivity. 

Employee stress levels are increasing…75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints.

American Institute of Stress (www.stress.org)

Results showed that over a 3-month period those individuals attending self-management training improved on emotional well-being measures. Organizational data suggested that their work-units' productivity increased and absenteeism decreased over the same period. Results support the value of combining self-management training and stress reduction to produce positive individual and organizational outcomes. 

International Journal of Stress Management

Jan 2001, 8:1, pp.49-62


The KarmaKick™ Fitness mission is based on education and training. We firmly believe that a mutually productive engagement for any team begins with clarity on a common goal. The implementation of success follows by developing a valuable set of skills revolving around self-management: personal empowerment, an understanding the art of leadership and time management. Stress in the workplace often boils down to a fixable crisis related to clarity in goal-setting and self-management.

The KarmaKick™ Leadership and Personal Empowerment Workshop provides training focusing on acquiring and cultivating leadership skills as the key to success through self-management: 

Contact us and learn how a Workplace Wellness Program (WWP) initiative can promote a healthy team and a collective productive energy that will benefit your company.





Research has shown that when you find yourself sitting at your desk struggling to get your mojo back, the best course of Action!is to get up and take a short walk. Simple advice that should also be heeded when your body is feeling stiff, or your mind is sluggish. Go on! You know the drill! KarmaKick it into high gear! Do a round of 5 - 10 deep breaths and then take a quick walk around the office every 30-45 minutes to help you get back on track. Running laps around your desk is optional.   

KarmaKick Office Tips


Feeling a little tight in the shoulders? Relieve stress and tension with our 15-minute chair massage. Whether sitting at your desk, or visiting our station in a quiet conference room, our professional massage therapists will help you relax the stress away. 


Human Capital is an important investment. Create a team that is motivated to face market uncertainties and primed to engage the competition. From stress reduction techniques and Yoga through Personal Training, Cardio, Pilates and Tai Chi, KarmaKickFitness has a fitness modality to fit your company's employee health & wellness goals. Our programs and services are designed and driven by motivated professionals and consultants. Are you in need of a special personal management, or health & wellness solution? We're not afraid to pour out a little sweat equity ourselves in order to design a customized program to bring out the best in your talent base.